Joel Halen - Halen Bucket - 14mm Female 90º

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HALEN - Honey Bucket Quartz Nail w/ 14mm Head 

- 100% Quartz

- Thick AMERICAN MADE Quartz!

- Head Diameter: 14mm

- Head Thickness: 3mm

- Features a Sandblasted "HB" Logo

- Made in Colorado (USA)

How do I figure out what joint size I need? 

Step 1 - If you already have a bubbler or dab rig, use our "How to measure a glass joint" blog to identify it's joint size and sex. If you are buying a new bubbler or rig to pair with this nail, read it's description to find out what it's joint size and sex is.

Step 2 - You will need to get the same size, but opposite sex as the joint on your water pipe. EXAMPLE: If you bubbler has a 14mm Female joint, you will need a nail with a 14mm Male joint. If your bubbler has a 10mm Male joint, you will need a nail with a 10mm Female Joint.....etc.

Which Carb Caps are compatible with this nail?

To see which Carb Caps will work with this nail visit our "Compatibility Master List" here.