Phantom Digital Vaporizer Aromatherapy Dry Herb Silver

Phantom Digital Vaporizer Aromatherapy Dry Herb Silver

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  • LED Display
  • Precise Temperature Setting


The Phantom table top vaporizer is a unique vaporizer that is similar to the Volcano Classic. The new Phantom Vaporizer has many new upgrades, as the old Grey Fuji Vaporizer which was a worthless vaporizer. This is a simple upgrade to the Fuji vaporizer.

There are many people who claim that the Phantom vaporizer is a cheap Chinese knockoff to the Volcano. This isn't entirely true, although there are many knockoff vaporizers out there, the Phantom is made in the USA. It uses to be called the Fuji Vaporizer and by many, it was once a worthless vaporizer. Since the company upgraded the unit, it has revitalized the life of vaporizers and has been known to be a high-quality volcano-like vaporizer.

The Phantom is built of some elements that some believe needs to be replaced with ceramic elements. You turn on the phantom with the switch and a green light will appear. The vaporizer will reach temperatures of around 200 to 400 degrees F.

The Phantom runs from Balloon bags. It has an easy valve connection just like the Volcano. You just snap the bag onto the tube and attach it to the whip.

The Phantom vaporizer is a very popular vaporizer, you should research the safety of this vaporizer. Many people think the vaporizer is unsafe since not all the internal pieces are constructed of ceramics.

LED features of the reading the digital temperature. You just set the temperature to the desired settings and in around 2 minutes you'll be able to begin vaporizing. Phantom uses air pump technology built with a silencer so this vaporizer is very quiet. After you fill the valve balloon, it can be attached and the end of the mouthpiece has a locking mechanism so no vapor can escape. This well-built phantom is the perfect technology to use for any of your herbal vaporizer means.



  • Phantom Digital Clock Volcano Base
  • Easy Operating Instructions
  • Easy Valves and 5 Clear Balloons
  • 1 Easy Valves