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The Yocan Flick is the newest compact cartridge battery system from Yocan that builds off the success of the Hive device and adds an innovative flip-top lid design for stealthy use on the go. 

The unique flip open top lid design ensures you entire atomizer is housed within the Flick device itself, protecting it from any potential damage. This design will not only help to prevent damage, it also makes the Flick appear closely to a zippo cigarette lighter, allowing you to take quick and discreet hits out in public without anyone having a clue. 

Yocan's Flick 2 in 1 device is equipped with the same two interchange atomizers that are included with the Hive and Hive 2.0 devices from the same brand. These attachments are each designed for use with oils of varying consistency, allowing you to quickly enjoy either thin essential oils or thicker concentrates all with the same device. 

For waxy concentrates you get a premium glass quartz element that will efficiently heat thick material with the touch of a button, creating a crystal clean vapor that is absolutely packed with flavor. Yocan also includes a mini stainless steel packing tool to make refilling a mess-free process. For your thin essential oils you will get the leak-proof wicked cartridge that features a user-friendly top fill method that allows you to easily achieve the maximum fill capacity without spilling a drop.

Each of these atomizers utilize the ultra-convenient magnetic adapter connection system that makes replacing your cartridges a quick and care-free process. It is as easy as pulling out the old cartridge, dropping in a new one and the magnetic adapter instantly creates a secure connection to the battery, perfect for use on the go. These adapters features a 510 threaded connection which will allow you to use many other similar atomizers on the market with the same thread design. 

Yocan's Flick also features a powerful and long-lasting 650mAh battery that will provide days of use between each recharge. To ensure an overall longer lifespan it is important you allow the Flick to come to a full charge before it's first use. Yocan includes a convenient micro-usb charging cable that supports passthrough charging, allowing you to continue enjoying your favorite essential oils while your device recharges. 

Features & Specs
  • Innovative Flip Open Lighter Design
  • Dimensions: 81mm x 67mm x 31mm
  • Versatile Cartridge Battery for Essential Oils
  • 2 Cartridges Included (1.8O for thin & 1.0O for thick)
  • Efficient Glass Quartz Heating Element for Thick Waxes
  • Leak-proof Cartridge for Thin Oils w/ Easy Top Fill
  • Innovative 510 Thread Magnetic Adapter Connection System
  • Convenient One-Button Operation for Stealthy Use on the Go
  • Powerful Lithium-ion Battery with Large 650mAh Capacity
  • Cartridge Window Ensure You Always Know When to Refill
  • Micro-USB Charging with Passthrough
  • Mini Stainless Packing Tool Included
  • 4 Sleek Color options Available
  • 1 x Flick Cartridge Battery
  • 1 x Waxy Cartridge (With Adapter)
  • 1 x Essential Oil Cartridge (With Adapter)
  • 1 x Mini Packing Tool
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual